Why Girls Don't Fart

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 2:32 PM

Have you ever wondered why girls don't fart? Watch this video:

Amazing performance

6:38 AM

An nice choreography for a Turkish bank ad.

Keep your body cool in hot weather

4:58 AM

Look here how to keep your body cool in the summer. Start digging a trench first

Ask your friends to help you

Now you can relax and start smoking

Drinking problem

4:49 AM

This guy doesn't have any drinking problem because he has a bottle of beer in his hand and sits on a keg of beer:
But this guy drank too fast:

Photos taken in 2007 at Vama Veche - Romania

You look like your dog

3:16 AM

I think that people look like their pets. These photos can be an example: