TV shopping

Thursday, March 20, 2008 11:35 AM

TV shopping programs can sell everything. Recently they added automatic rifles to their portofolio. Check this out:

Stupid reporters

10:55 AM

The reporters look for hot news and get in trouble :D

Keep your dog busy

10:53 AM

If your dog is too noisy then you should buy him this ball machine to keep him busy:

A ton of cable

10:46 AM

Never roll a ton of cable up stairs:

Counter rap

10:31 AM

Look how shooting sound can make music:

Dumb Woman Pushes Fire Button

10:24 AM

Have you ever wondered what happens when you press that red emergency fire button at a gas station? This dumb woman pushes it accidentally and reveals the mystery :D.

LED stairs

10:15 AM

In and outdoor LED stairs are standard available in mono, multi and full colour and are used in the traffic industry, leisure, architectural designs and industrial projects.
This is a video from Japan:

Top 50 Odd Name Places in America

4:25 AM

Here is a top 50 of interesting-sounding city names that have been collected over several years:

1) Boring, Oregon
2) Intercourse, Pennsylvania
3) French Lick, Indiana
4) Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada

5) Hell, Michigan
6) Why, Arizona
7) Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
8) Climax, Michigan
9) Blowhard, Australia
10) Gay, Michigan
11) Waterproof, Louisiana
12) Weed, New Mexico
13) Crappo, Maryland
14) Mud Lick, Kentucky
15) Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico16) Boysack (Tayside, Scot.)
17) Flushing, New York
18) Gas, Kansas
19) Normal, Illinois
20) Santa Claus, Indiana
21) Monkey's Eyebrow, Arizona
22) Oatmeal, Texas23) Happyland, Oklahoma
24) Last Chance, Colorado
25) Two Egg, Florida26) Gaysport, Ohio
27) Gayville, South Dakota
28) North, South Carolina
29) Shoulderblade, Kentucky
30) Stalker, Pennsylvania
31) Bangs, Texas
32) DeadHorse, Alaska
33) Gun Barrel City, Texas
34) Hot Coffee, Mississippi
35) Humptulips, Washington
36) Hygiene, Colorado
37) Oddville, Kentucky
38) Paradox, Colorado
39) Yeehaw Junction, Florida40) Crackport in Keepers' Colloquy
41) Experiment, Georgia
42) Quicksand, Kentucky
43) Earth, Texas44) Big Bone Lick State Park45) Boring, Maryland
46) Christmas, Florida47) Clappers (Lothian, Scotland)
48) Cut and Shoot, Texas
49) Dry Prong, Louisiana
50) Novelty, Missouri

I'll put more photos later.